I first visited Portugal in 2014 with no specific intentions other than to enjoy the beaches and do some sightseeing. During my stay there, I inadvertently ended up in the workshops of Portuguese artisans and was amazed by the amount of industry and craft that reside next to beautiful landscapes. 

International brands have been quietly producing high quality ceramics, glass, leather, stone and wooden products in Portugal for decades. I saw the potential to create a collection of contemporary objects that are proudly made in Portugal, sharing the true origin of these products and the stories of people who made them. As we live in an increasingly digital world, Origin aspires to bring a greater sense of tactility back to everyday life and deepen the relationship between people and their objects. Materials that are rough in texture, with natural imperfections, or handmade objects that are slightly unique from one another, are beautiful to us.

The exchange of values and ideas between designers and makers, working together to create endearing products, is what we live for. Today, Origin is about Portugal, but tomorrow, we could also tell the stories of other undiscovered lands that are rich in craft, industry and culture.

Gabriel Tan



Origin curates a line of contemporary objects by bringing designers and artisans together. We invite our designers to Portugal once a year to work with local craftsmen and visit ateliers in different towns, sharing a house and meals together. Most of our products are completely handmade, and our photographs are shot on analog film.

We publish the names of our makers, not just the names of designers, because we want to do things differently, to remind ourselves that each Origin product is made by a person who could be a father, a mother, a grandfather or a daughter... something we tend to forget in our consumption-driven culture. Our goal is to foster a deeper sense of closeness between the owner of our object, and the people who made it.